Our Farm

We believe that by nourishing the soil and the ecosystem around it will produce nutritious food that will create a healthy community that is happier, healthier and more resilient.
Better Food Farm is located in Uintah, UT at the mouth of Weber Canyon. Started by Tyson and Jacque Lloyd, the farm is centered on land that has been in Jacque's family for four generations! A few cherry trees planted by her great-grandfather still linger from the original cherry orchard which once flourished here. While there is still a small orchard on the original property we've carved out a space to grow beyond  organic produce for our community. 
We love naturally grown food, how it makes us feel, how it strengthens our community and literally grounds us to the natural world that feeds us. We have embraced this ancient profession that gives us both the exhilaration from guiding the forces of nature whilst still being humbled by all that we have yet to learn and being put in our place by that selfsame force.
We aspire to a future time where we view our community as a village collective. A place where we know the many hands that feed and sustain us. A community that depends on one another and respects the diverse skill, knowledge and work of one another. For our part we'll grow food. We hope that many others will do the same, that still others become bakers, butchers and artisans and that collectively we'll find health, happiness and prosperity.